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CC4CA fact sheet: Colorado lags the nation on reducing emissions

A new fact sheet by CC4CA draws on the latest government data to show that Colorado now lags behind the nation in reducing the largest share of heat-trapping emissions — carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel use, which account for about three-quarters of all climate-changing pollution. The data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency shows that in 2015 Colorado had reduced statewide carbon dioxide emissions by 5 percent below 2005 levels, while the nation as a whole had reduced those emissions by 11 percent. For emissions from electricity generation, Colorado’s were 10 percent lower, while national emissions were 20 percent lower. Clearly, Colorado can do more to reduce our contribution to climate change.

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What's At Stake

Climate disruption puts at risk the very values that make Colorado such a special place to live, to work, to enjoy.

What Can Be Done

Climate change is not inevitable. In recent years, heat-trapping emissions have begun to come down. We can do this.

What We're Doing

Colorado Communities for Climate Action is advocating for state and federal actions to protect Colorado’s climate for this and future generations.

Who We Are

CC4CA is a new coalition of 15 local governments, working for state and federal climate-protection actions to complement our local efforts.