Local officials offer to work with Governor Hickenlooper

CC4CA initiated a letter to Governor Hickenlooper, sent July 19, in which 75 local elected officials expressed support for his executive order on climate protection goals and offered to work with him and his administration to achieve the actions to fulfill them.

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Colorado Independent: What will it take to reach the climate change goals set by Gov. Hickenlooper?

Hickenlooper said many of the right things when announcing his order “supporting Colorado’s clean energy transition” at Red Rocks last week. But the plan was also conspicuous for what it failed to say. “We need both good goals and good actions to get there,” says Stephen Saunders, speaking for the year-old Colorado Communities for Climate Action, a consortium of 14 cities and counties.

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CC4CA applauds Governor Hickenlooper’s climate announcement

On the day that Governor Hickenlooper made an announcement of new state goals to protect the climate and of some new climate actions, CC4CA released a statement applauding the governor’s announcement. The statement, by CC4CA President Anita Seitz, is available here.