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Colorado Politics (8/20/18): “There’s plenty of community-based support for cleaner air in Colorado”

Guest opinion by CC4CA President (& Westminster City Councilor) Anita Seitz and CC4CA President Elect (& Eagle County Commissioner) Jill Ryan: “Kudos to the Air Quality Control Commission for kicking off the process that will preserve fuel economy standards in Colorado and for committing to start the “zero emission vehicle” process in December, which would expand access to electric vehicles across the state.”

Summit Daily News (8/17/18): “Olympian and county commissioner: Let’s protect Summit’s outdoor recreation economy (column)”

Guest opinion by Olympic snowboarder Taylor Gold and Summit County Commissioner Karn St “Whether representing Summit County at the Olympics or as a local elected official, we both are proud to call Colorado home. As proud Coloradans, we believe it is time to move from a bold vision to bold action. Let’s protect our winters and our local economy by adopting forward-looking efficiency and electric vehicle standards. We know it’s the right thing to do to protect our quality of life.”

Denver Post (8/17/18): “Colorado aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions with fuel efficiency push after federal standards freeze”

News story: Colorado Communities for Climate Action president Anita Seitz, representing 20 local governments, welcomed the state decisions. “Everyone wins if they adopt ZEV provisions. We all get to breathe cleaner air, it’s much easier for anyone who wants an electric vehicle to get one, and Colorado families and businesses save money. We want Coloradans on the Front Range and across the rural parts of our state to have good electric vehicle options.”

Aspen Times (8/17/18): “Enviro-Courage” [not available online]

Column by regular columnist Paula E. Anna: “Here in Colorado, Gov. John Hickenlooper signed an executive order in June that committed the state to adopting low emission vehicle (LEV) standards. Yesterday, members of the Aspen City Council and Pitkin County Board of Commissioners attended and testified at a gathering of the Air Quality Control Commission in Denver, suggesting that the state also adopt zero emission vehicle (ZEV) standards … The Aspen community, our local government, and the Aspen Skiing Co. have all aggressively taken progressive stands over the years … Courage, people, and thanks to those who went to Denver to stand up for us.”

Denver Business Journal (8/16/18): “Ski, auto industries join lengthy debate at Colorado hearing on zero-emission vehicles”

News story: Eagle County Commissioner Jill Hunsaker Ryan noted that a 2016 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency report showed mountain snow pack is down between 20 percent and 60 percent throughout various parts of the state since the 1950s — a trend that, if it continues, will cause ski seasons to be shortened between two weeks and three months by 2050. “Imagine our state losing this sport,” Hunsaker Ryan told commissioners. “It’s more than a brand; it’s an identity. But that’s where we’re headed.”

Crested Butte News (8/16/18): “Crested Butte Council Taking Climate Changes Issues Seriously” [not available online]

Guest opinion by Crested Butte Town Councilor Will Dujardin: “Crested Butte and the CC4CA communities are strongly encouraging Governor Hickenlooper and the AQCC to adopt these advanced clean car standards protecting fuel economy and expanding electric vehicle options in Colorado. We hope you support our mission with CC4CA of lowering heat-trapping emissions.”

Aspen Times (8/14/18): “Clapper and Skadron: Colorado clean-car standards an important opportunity”

Guest opinion by Pitkin County Commissioner Patti Clapper and Aspen Mayor Steve Skadron: “We applaud and support Hickenlooper’s executive order to create LEV fuel economy standards. Critically, that would maintain progress on clean vehicles. We further urge the governor and the Air Quality Control Commission to drive progress by including a ZEV standard. Together, fuel economy and zero emissions standards will protect our air, climate and economy, while also saving Coloradans money and improving access to emissions-free vehicles that meet the needs of mountain drivers.”

Golden Transcript (8/13/18): “Support in Golden for state air quality standards: Golden Mayor Marjorie Sloan and former mayor Jacob Smith”

Guest opinion by Golden Mayor Marjorie Sloan and former mayor Jacob Smith: “Here in Golden we understand both the dangers of harmful air pollution and the opportunities presented by expanding access to electric vehicles. Improving air quality, reducing the risks of climate disruption, and opening up the electric vehicle market are all big wins for Golden residents and Coloradans across the state.”

Lakewood Sentinel, Golden Transcript, Arvada Press, etc. (8/6/18): “Community leaders oppose Trump’s rollback of clean car standards: Colorado Air Quality Control Commission to discuss low-emission vehicle standards”

News story: If these advanced clean car standards are adopted, [CC4CA Executive Director Jacob Smith] added, they would “protect Colorado from whatever happens in D.C. from these rollbacks.”

However, Smith believes that zero-emission vehicle standards could give Colorado consumers more options for electric vehicle purchases and help push down the cost as the volume of sales increases.

Public News Service (8/3/18): “EPA Moves to Lower Emissions Standards, Gas Mileage Targets”

News story: Anita Seitz, a councillor on the Westminster City Council, adds local government efforts to improve air quality – by offering free electric charging stations, for example – work better when done in tandem with federal policy. “American innovation is something that I’m really proud of, and I think that’s a shared value probably that most of us have,” says Seitz. “And when we send the right signals to the market and to the engineers, it’s amazing what can be accomplished.”

Boulder Daily Camera (6/9/18): “Advanced Clean Car Standards good for health of people, pocketbooks”

Guest opinion by Jeff Zayach (executive director of Boulder Public Health), Robert McDonald (executive director of the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment), Mark B. Johnson (executive director of Jefferson County Public Health), and Bill Burman (executive director of Denver Public Health): “In the absence of strong and consistent federal leadership on air quality, it’s imperative that Colorado take action to protect the health and well-being of Coloradans and the economies we depend on. We can join 12 other states and Washington D.C. who have adopted Advanced Clean Car standards: standards aligned with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) standards enacted in 2012 after extensive analysis … There simply is no reason why Colorado shouldn’t lead the way in protecting our environment and our residents, as we have so many times before. The clean car technology to meet the Advanced Clean Car Standards is available and affordable. We owe it to all Coloradans to adopt these standards to protect public health and the environment.”

Vail Daily (6/7/18) “Eagle County Commissioners: Colorado should adopt its own vehicle emission standards (column)”(also printed in the Aspen Times (6/10/18)

Guest opinion by Eagle County Commissioners Jill Ryan, Kathy Chandler-Henry, and Jeanne McQueen: “As Eagle County Commissioners, we believe climate change is a threat to our economy and our way of life … On behalf of our constituents, we thank Gov. Hickenlooper for his leadership and urge him to adopt advanced clean car standards for Colorado. Instead of falling backward, we can keep moving forward on reducing climate pollution and strengthening Colorado’s economy, which is so heavily dependent upon a healthy environment.”

Telluride Daily Planet (4/13/18): “We must protect our climate”

Guest opinion by San Miguel County Commissioner Kris Holstrom: “As part of Colorado Communities for Climate Action (CC4CA), Hilary, Joan and I — along with 49 other county commissioners, city and town council members from 26 Colorado local governments — urged Gov. John Hickenlooper to take immediate action to protect Colorado’s clean air and climate by adopting state clean-car standards. States can enact legislation to send an important message. We asked Hickenlooper to act immediately in using his authority to counter the action of the Trump administration to rollback federal clean-car and emission standards.

The governor has shown great leadership on clean energy, clean air and climate policies. That legacy is now threatened by the EPA’s rollback of the federal standards. The estimated effect of that action would be to essentially wipe out all the progress made in reduction of heat-trapping pollution under Xcel Energy’s Colorado Energy Plan. To counter the federal rollback, Colorado can do what 12 other states and Washington, D.C. have already done, which is to use the authority provided by Section 1777 of the Clean Air Act to adopt a set of Advanced Clean Car Standards. It is critical for the state to not lose ground on protecting clean air, public health and our climate’s future.”


Colorado Independent: What will it take to reach the climate change goals set by Gov. Hickenlooper?

Hickenlooper said many of the right things when announcing his order “supporting Colorado’s clean energy transition” at Red Rocks last week. But the plan was also conspicuous for what it failed to say. “We need both good goals and good actions to get there,” says Stephen Saunders, speaking for the year-old Colorado Communities for Climate Action, a consortium of 14 cities and counties.

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