Climate-Oriented Legislation is Picking Up Steam at the General Assembly

CC4CA’s work on a range of climate-oriented legislation continued this week at the State House.

  • Northglenn City Councilor Jenny Willford testified on behalf of CC4CA on the Public Utilities Commission sunset review, which is now moving through the legislative process.
  • CC4CA President (and Westminster Mayor Pro Tem) Anita Seitz testified in support of SB-96, “Concerning the Collection of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data.” The bill, introduced by Senator Kerry Donovan, would require more frequent and more accurate greenhouse gas emission inventories and forecasting in Colorado. This is one of CC4CA’s top legislative priorities. The bill passed its first legislative test yesterday, sent on from the Senate Transportation & Energy Committee on a 5-2 bipartisan vote.
  • CC4CA executive director Jacob Smith testified in support of SB-181, an oil and gas drilling reform bill that would reshape the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and significantly reduce methane emissions tied to drilling. The bill passed out of its first House committee and is now working its way toward the House floor.
  • CC4CA executive director Jacob Smith also testified on SB-77, a bill that would make it easier for public utilities to install electric vehicle charging stations. The committee vote on this bill was postponed and may come up next week.