PUC Agrees to Take Up DMEA Petition to Intervene in Dispute with Tri-State

On February 14, the Public Utilities Commission denied Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association’s request to dismiss a complaint filed by the Delta-Montrose Electric Association. DMEA wants out of its contract with Tri-State because of rising rates and the desire to get more power from renewable energy sources than Tri-State allows. The complaint asks the PUC to “adjudicate a just, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory exit charge for DMEA” from Tri-State. The commission determined that it has authority under state laws dealing with electric utilities to hear DMEA’s complaint, which is scheduled for June 17-21. See Tri-State loses bid to keep Colorado Public Utilities Commission out of contract dispute, Denver Post, Feb. 15, and What’s at stake in high-profile exit charge case before Colorado utility regulators, Energy News Network, Feb. 12. CC4CA submitted a letter to the PUC urging it to take up what could be a precedent-setting case on the PUC’s jurisdiction over rural electric and generation/transmission cooperatives. Related: See Tri-State announces new CEO and new Colorado wind farm to power 47K homes, Denver Post, Feb. 12.