Elected Officials Letter to Governor Hickenlooper: Let’s Protect Vehicle Emissions Standards in Colorado

A broad coalition of 59 local elected officials across the state, organized by CC4CA, penned a letter to Governor Hickenlooper encouraging him to preserve Colorado’s air quality protections despite the federal rollback. The Environmental Protection Agency last week announced its proposal to roll back federal standards on air pollution from vehicle emissions, which will likely result in reduced fuel efficiency, increased consumer fuel costs, and increased pollution.

Twelve other states and the District of Columbia have already used the authority provided by Section 177 of the Clean Air Act to adopt a set of statewide Advanced Clean Car Standards. The coalition letter asks Governor Hickenlooper to use the same authority to adopt Clean Car Standards for Colorado.

An analysis by the Environmental Defense Fund found that EPA’s expected rollback would increase Colorado’s annual vehicle emissions of nitrous oxides by 15 percent and carbon pollution emissions by up to 3.9 million tons. This is roughly equivalent to the emissions from 900,000 vehicles.

Since the adoption of clean car standards by the federal government in 2012, the Union of Concerned Scientists estimates that Coloradans have saved $550 million in gasoline costs, in addition to substantial reductions in dangerous air pollution emissions. If Governor Hickenlooper protects our current fuel efficiency standards, the same organization estimates that by 2030 the average Colorado household will have saved $2,700.