CC4CA Guest Editorial: Colorado must act now to avoid the disruption — and cost — of climate change

CC4CA president (and Westminster City Councilor) Anita Seitz and Summit County Commissioner Karn Stiegelmeier (CC4CA Steering Committee member) published a guest opinion piece on today calling on the legislature and the governor to keep pushing for expanded renewables and reduced carbon emissions.

Some highlights:

“Colorado at one time was a national leader in modernizing our energy system and reducing emissions, but we are now in the back half of the pack: we have reduced emissions here by less than half the reductions achieved by the nation as a whole. The longer we take to transition to the new energy economy, the further behind we will fall.”

“By championing proposals that expand renewable energy and reduce harmful emissions, our governor and legislators would be supporting clean air and water, strengthening our recreation-based economy, and helping communities around the state create jobs and save money.”