CC4CA to Congress: don’t undercut clean energy tax incentives

Colorado Communities for Climate Action has written a letter to the members of the state’s congressional delegation, urging Congress not to repeal or undercut tax incentives for electric vehicles and for clean electricity from wind, the sun, and geothermal resources. Keeping the current clean energy incentives is important for our climate, for public health, for people’s pocketbooks, and for the economy.

As Congress decides on the final version of a comprehensive tax bill, negotiators face choices on whether to include different provisions from the House and Senate versions of the legislation. The House bill would repeal the federal tax credit of up to $7,500 for electric vehicles, effective at the end of this year, and would cut back on investment and production tax credits for wind energy, large-scale solar energy, and geothermal energy projects. The Senate bill would effectively end investments by foreign companies in clean energy projects here in the United States. CC4CA opposes all of this, and urges Congress to keep these anti-clean energy provisions out of the federal tax bill. Throwing out tax incentives for clean vehicles and clean electricity would increase heat-trapping emissions, harm people’s health, cost consumers more money, lose jobs, and weaken the economies of the United States and especially of Colorado, where the clean energy industry is particularly strong and important.