CC4CA urges Congress: keep wind energy tax credit

CC4CA is standing up for the federal tax credit that supports the development of wind energy, in the face of a congressional move to undercut it. In November,  the U.S. House of Representatives passed a comprehensive tax bill that would undercut the federal wind energy tax credit (which is already being phased out) by retroactively keeping wind projects now under construction from being eligible for the tax credit, which was the case when the projects were undertaken. CC4CA wrote a letter to the members of the Colorado congressional delegation, urging them to keep the tax credit according to the bipartisan agreement in 2015 extended that tax credit for a final five years, on a declining basis each year. Major investments have been made based on that agreement, including a $1 billion project to produce enough clean electricity to power 180,000 homes, housing nearly half a million Coloradans.