CC4CA urges more state climate action

CC4CA submitted comments on November 3, 2017, to the Colorado state government on its draft update to the Colorado Climate Plan — recommending a new long-term state goal for reducing heat-trapping emissions, an actual plan to meet the state goals, and a quantitative analysis to show that new actions will meet the state goals.  Our specific recommendations are that the state government adopt and include in the updated plan an additional, long-term goal for reducing statewide heat-trapping emissions by at least 80 percent, compared to 2005 levels; that the document be revised to include a commitment that the state government will immediately begin work on an actual plan to reduce heat-trapping emissions enough, as determined through quantitative analysis of concrete policy actions, to meet the state’s emission reduction goals; and that the state government commit in the plan to immediately undertaking a new emission inventory and forecast, as that is essential baseline information for an emission reduction plan. Additional recommendations and comments are included in the full CC4CA comments.