CC4CA: Keep federal vehicle standards

CC4CA wrote to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation on September 28, 2017, urging those agencies to retain federal motor vehicle emission and fuel efficiency standards, which are among the most important federal actions yet taken to reduce heat-trapping emissions. We made four statements in support of the standards: (1) New information and new developments since the 2012 rulemaking consistently strengthen, not weaken, the original case for the standards. (2) The need for the reductions in heat-trapping emissions the standards would achieve is even more clearly needed now than when the standards were first set. (3) The federal vehicle emission/efficiency standards are among the most cost-effective rules ever adopted. In Colorado, according to one analysis, the standards would lead to average savings of $2,700 per household by 2030. (4) Weakening the federal rules would lead to two systems for new vehicles in the nation—more fuel efficient, less polluting, and less expensive vehicles in California and the states that would continue to follow its rules, and less efficient, more polluting, and more expensive vehicles in other states. Read the CC4CA letter.