Telluride town manager updates climate change initiatives

The Town of Telluride has been proactive in its approach to climate action planning with official town climate action and water efficiency plans. Town Manager Greg Clifton gave a presentation updating council members on Telluride’s dealings with several climate action planning groups and their respective efforts during a Tuesday work session at Rebekah Hall.

Clifton explained how Telluride is part of a climate change consortium made up of local communities, the Colorado Communities for Climate Action coalition and The Mountain PACT, which all lobby for climate action planning legislation at the local, state and federal levels. “There’s been a lot of good policy endeavors at the state houses,” he said. He outlined House Bill 1018, which extended the sunset date for regional transportation authorities to use funds from property taxes 10 years past its initial 2019 end date. Telluride supported the bill as a member of the coalition.

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